My All-Time Top 10 Concerts

Earlier this week I attended Coldplay’s concert at Pepsi Center in Denver, CO, USA.  It was an amazing show with a well thought-out set list (older, newer, faster, slower) plus great lights / sound / crowd interaction and a pair of solid opening acts.  It quickly vaulted into my all-time Top 10.  So I got to thinking, what are the other nine from my 31 years of concert going history?  In chronological order (oldest to most recent):

  1. 1985 – Ratt, Bismarck Civic Center, Bismarck, ND, USA (Capacity: It’s 10,100 now, but back then, I think more like 8,000 and it wasn’t full)
    • 14 years old and my first rock concert.  Bon Jovi opened and kicked ass!
  2. 1990 – Pantera, Can’t Remember the Venue, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Capacity: small)
    • Notable because: a) my nearly mute dorm neighbor / Physics major Jim Decoux managed to get on the stage and dive off into the mosh pit and b) I couldn’t hear properly for about 3 days after the show.
  3. 1991 – Queensrÿche, Bison Sports Arena, Fargo, ND, USA (Capacity: 5,830 at the time)
    • Operation: Mindcrime in its entirety!  Warrior Soul opened.
  4. 1992 – Metallica, Bison Sports Arena, Fargo, ND, USA (Capacity: 5,830 at the time)
    • Tour promoting the eponymous “Black Album”.  Superb.
  5. 1993 – Steve Miller Band, Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH (Capacity: 20,500)
    • I wasn’t actually in the venue nor did I pay for a ticket.  I was in a boat on the Ohio River behind the stage tied up in a floatilla and enjoying too many Bud Lights with the other water-borne gate crashers.
  6. 1995 – Grateful Dead, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA (Capacity: 22,000-ish)
    • I barely remember the show for reasons I shan’t elaborate upon, but yet somehow it was very memorable.  Err.
  7. 1999 – Dave Matthews Band, (Old) Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USA (Capacity: 76,000 for football games, not sure about concerts, but it was full)
    • I love Dave Matthews.  I said it.  Alanis Morissette opened.
  8. 2009 – Jason Mraz, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (Capacity: 9,525)
    • First trip to Red Rocks: the greatest venue ever.  Mraz was tremendous.  K’naan opened.
  9. 2015 – AWOLNATION, The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO (Capacity: 3,700)
    • Took my then 15 year old daughter Grace to her first real rock concert on my birthday.  Meg Myers opened.
  10. 2016 – Coldplay, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, USA (Capacity: ~20,000)
    • Grace gave me one of the four tickets that my wife Julie and I had gifted to her for her 16th birthday (what a great kid).  Bishop Briggs, then Alessia Cara opened.

DIA In & Out Parking Policy Needs Work

$2! I want my $2!

It’s snowing and very cold in Denver today. Perfect day for air travel. So, I arrive a bit early and start scouting for spots in the parking ramp. After a good bit of searching, I throw in the towel and head outside to the economy lot.

Naturally, I have to go through the pay booths so I can exit the covered parking and circle around to go into economy. I roll up to the booth, hand the cashier my ticket and she says: “$2, please.”. Ahem. What? $2 to look? How long have I been in there? “11 minutes.” And how long am I allowed? “!0 minutes.” You must be kidding. I pay the toll to the troll (the only other option being to drive through the gate Duke Boys-style) and exit.

Now, I understand why you’d have a 10 minute policy, but on a day like today when the ramp will be packed and there will be a lot of travelers searching with no success, you’d think DIA would flex a little.  Good gravy.  It’s only $2, but still.

The Pinnacle of Popularity? Hardly.

It’s been well over 3 years since I joined LinkedIn and I finally reached that magical mark where my profile says “500+ connections”.  From now on, people will just have to just guess about the sheer massivicity of my network since LinkedIn will no longer communicate to the public with any specificity about how many connections I have (currently 507, but who’s counting).  I’m not going to blather on about what a great thing LinkedIn is, etc, etc, since everyone knows what it is / does, but i do find myself on the site at least once a week looking for someone or seeking a connection.

But truth be known, there are many, many contacts on my list that I don’t speak with very often (some never), but it’s surprising how many I bump into at alumni happy hours, soccer games and other accidental encounters around town.  The foundation of my network remains concentrated in Level 3 folks, many of whom are still there or went to work at other companies around Denver, so the odds are good for a chance encounter.

A thanks to one of my Point B colleagues, Jason Hayes, for finally putting me over the mark.