About OpenKimono

A professional head shot

A professional head shot

David Fuller (Founding Author)

OpenKimono is brought you by Dave Fuller, just a regular guy who grew up in Bismarck, ND (yes, it is very cold there; no, it is not part of Canada), but has spent the last 15 years living and working in San Jose, Dallas and Denver. I am married with two children and spend most of my spare time with family. I’m a technology consultant, youth soccer coach, avid skier, wannabe braumeister and a trail running enthusiast that frequents trails below The Flatirons south of Boulder. I’ve completed one marathon basically because of a dare (never again). And, of course, I am a blogger.

I am also a lapsed entrepreneur, having co-founded a consulting venture called NaviGo Global in the fall of 2006. At one point, the other partners and I considered using OpenKimono as the name for the company, but we weren’t sure how OpenKimono would have played in the corner offices of our clients. NaviGo is currently in hibernation, so it probably won’t come up much in this blog.

The goal of OpenKimono is not especially ambitious. I sometimes have things I’d like to share. Likely topics will be technology / geekery, entrepreneurship, sports, food, parenting, travel and general observations on life. I will also tend to lean towards humor wherever possible, so consider this a casual, fun blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy OpenKimono.

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