My All-Time Top 10 Concerts

Earlier this week I attended Coldplay’s concert at Pepsi Center in Denver, CO, USA.  It was an amazing show with a well thought-out set list (older, newer, faster, slower) plus great lights / sound / crowd interaction and a pair of solid opening acts.  It quickly vaulted into my all-time Top 10.  So I got to thinking, what are the other nine from my 31 years of concert going history?  In chronological order (oldest to most recent):

  1. 1985 – Ratt, Bismarck Civic Center, Bismarck, ND, USA (Capacity: It’s 10,100 now, but back then, I think more like 8,000 and it wasn’t full)
    • 14 years old and my first rock concert.  Bon Jovi opened and kicked ass!
  2. 1990 – Pantera, Can’t Remember the Venue, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Capacity: small)
    • Notable because: a) my nearly mute dorm neighbor / Physics major Jim Decoux managed to get on the stage and dive off into the mosh pit and b) I couldn’t hear properly for about 3 days after the show.
  3. 1991 – Queensrÿche, Bison Sports Arena, Fargo, ND, USA (Capacity: 5,830 at the time)
    • Operation: Mindcrime in its entirety!  Warrior Soul opened.
  4. 1992 – Metallica, Bison Sports Arena, Fargo, ND, USA (Capacity: 5,830 at the time)
    • Tour promoting the eponymous “Black Album”.  Superb.
  5. 1993 – Steve Miller Band, Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH (Capacity: 20,500)
    • I wasn’t actually in the venue nor did I pay for a ticket.  I was in a boat on the Ohio River behind the stage tied up in a floatilla and enjoying too many Bud Lights with the other water-borne gate crashers.
  6. 1995 – Grateful Dead, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA (Capacity: 22,000-ish)
    • I barely remember the show for reasons I shan’t elaborate upon, but yet somehow it was very memorable.  Err.
  7. 1999 – Dave Matthews Band, (Old) Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USA (Capacity: 76,000 for football games, not sure about concerts, but it was full)
    • I love Dave Matthews.  I said it.  Alanis Morissette opened.
  8. 2009 – Jason Mraz, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (Capacity: 9,525)
    • First trip to Red Rocks: the greatest venue ever.  Mraz was tremendous.  K’naan opened.
  9. 2015 – AWOLNATION, The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO (Capacity: 3,700)
    • Took my then 15 year old daughter Grace to her first real rock concert on my birthday.  Meg Myers opened.
  10. 2016 – Coldplay, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, USA (Capacity: ~20,000)
    • Grace gave me one of the four tickets that my wife Julie and I had gifted to her for her 16th birthday (what a great kid).  Bishop Briggs, then Alessia Cara opened.

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