Wordle & TagCrowd

Put in some words, hit create. Goof with the jumble.

Here’s a pretty cool tool: Wordle.  It’s a Java applet created by an employee of IBM Research (on company time… nice!) who has shared it with the world.  You can use it to create really nifty text graphics.

To the left is one I did that may become the header for my family blog over at RockyMtnFuller.com.   The tool will automatically change the size of text based on how often a word is used (more usage, bigger text) and you can also customize the color palette, fonts and text orientation.

Another on-line tool I like is: TagCrowd.  This little app takes a bunch of words and creates a cloud similar to the “CATEGORY CLOUD” over on the right side of this blog.  It too is simple to use and sizes text base on word usage, but it doesn’t have as many customization knobs to twiddle.  Still, it’s also useful.

I can imagine using these websites to make some interesting graphics for slide decks.  Now, where’d I put my copy of slide:ology… ?

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